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Catfood Software is a developer of theming software and system tools.

94 Elsie Street, San Francisco, 94110, USA
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Best software by Catfood Software

Auto Avatar
Skype Plugin that sets your Skype Picture automatically from a webcam.
Catfood WebCamSaver
Displays live webcam images from around the world in a captivating screensaver.
Catfood Earth
Catfood Earth offers a real-time satellite image of The Earth as wallpaper.

Popular programs by Catfood Software

Catfood CamSaver
CamSaver displays video from a camera connected to your PC as a screensaver.
Catfood Desktate
Catfood Desktate updates your Desktop with a rotated map as wallpaper.
Catfood PdfScan
Tool for scanning one or more documents to a PDF file.
Catfood Software Fortune Cookies
Little application to display fortune cookies style quotes or jokes on your PC.
Catfood Weather
Catfood Weather runs as a taskbar icon which is updated to show today's forecast.

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